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Step 3 & 4 provisional boundaries 2018/19

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Step 3 & 4 provisional boundaries 2018/19

At their meeting on 6th February, the FA’s Leagues Committee decided the principles to be applied when allocating clubs at Steps 3 & 4 for season 2018/19. The Committee decision was taken after hearing the results of two exercises, the first using the tables at the end of season 2016/17 and the second based on the tables as at 2nd January 2018.

At Step 3 the decision is to implement a north division, a central ‘band’ from the east coast to the west of Birmingham, together with south west and south east divisions, with administration for the three new zones split between The Southern League, the Isthmian League, and the Northern Premier League.

At Step 4, the seven areas will again be divided between the three Leagues, with the Isthmian responsible for those areas shown in green, blue and orange in the image below. The Northern Premier League is calling a meeting of its clubs to decide whether to remain with a north/south split or to change to an east/west allocation.

It is emphasised that this is a guide only at this time. The League has deliberately not included names of clubs because the full allocation can only be made when the identities of the constituent clubs are known. It is clarified that this is for season 2018/19 and the make-up of clubs in future seasons may alter this approach.

League boundaries 2018_19

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