Despite the atrocious weather, the ground was in great condition for U14 Amber’s match at Rustington Otters. But the game started badly for the Hornets, who went a goal down within five minutes. However, that provided the jump start the team needed and they replied with three of their own by half-time!

Max Warren seemed to be on fire, scoring four goals and was a danger all game with his pace. Horsham started the second half better than they had the first but, having added another goal to lead 4-1, they seemed to fall asleep again and the game changed into a yo-yo match with Otters scoring and then the Hornets, resulting in a 7-5 victory for Tony Massimo’s side.

To look at the final score, you might imagine this to have been a tight affair but it did not feel that way. Going forward, Horsham looked like scoring goals but the midfield and defence made hard work of a game that should have been put to bed by half-time. Sometimes you need to play ugly and get the win, and Tony commented after the match “I hope in next few games we can keep our shape and work together like I know we can but it will come. We’ll keep improving our performances and get better as the season goes on”.

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