Saturday November 3 1945

Horsham 16 - Southwick 2

Cox (5)' Burnie (4)' Broadley (3)' Owngoal (2)' Myerscough ' Hillman '
Candy ' Terry '

Sussex County League - Wartime Emergency Competition
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday November 3 1945

Horsham’s ninth game of this turbulent season was the first in which no new faces appeared in the team. The game also went down in history as the 16-2 victory over sorry Southwick was the club’s biggest ever win and remains so to this day. Southwick were at a disadvantage from the start as their goalkeeper and back had been taken by Brighton three hours before the match.

With the sun at their backs Horsham attacked and scored within the first few minutes, with a beautiful shot by Burnie. Led by George Cox and Jack Broadley, there was no stopping Horsham and the rest of the seventeen goals came at regular intervals. Roy Myerscough and Les Hillman were the next to strike, and the fourth and fifth were scored by Ross who twice put the ball into his own net. Peter Wilkins, on the left wing, made a magnificent run down the field, beat two men, and put in a good shot which was well saved by Crowhurst, but it did not take long for Horsham to stretch their lead further. Broadley, whose schemes were responsible for much of the scoring, was about thirty yards out with the ball at his feet when he backheeled a pass to Cox who shot high into the net to make the score 6-0.

Although he was beaten many times, Crowhurst played a good game, making some excellent saves. George Power, too, was on top of his form and at one time, following a corner, emerged with the ball from a scrimmage in which half the players on the field appeared to take part. Another incident which had the crowd on its toes was when Nicholls at right back sent a pass across to Herb Quasnitschka at centre-half, who passed to Broadley. Broadley passed to Cox, who sent a low shot to Crowhurst, who just saved another goal. Sandy reduced the lead from a penalty and from a pass by Broadley, Cox made the score 7-1 at the interval.

Horsham attacked directly from the start of the second half. Broadley, Wilkins and Cox all had a try, but Terry for Southwick surprised the Horsham defenders, making the score 7-2. Cox then scored twice in succession, the second time from a pass from Burnie. In an amazingly short time Broadley and Burnie scored three each, and the scoring was completed by Cox. Horsham’s victory was due to their excellent forward line, led by Cox and Broadley, and their vigilant defence.


  • George Power
  • Fred Nicholls
  • Fred Carter
  • Peter Wilkins
  • Herb Quasnitschka
  • Fred Meyer
  • C Burnie
  • Jack Broadley
  • George Cox
  • Les Hillman
  • Roy Myerscough


  • J Crowhurst
  • H Stevens
  • A Ross
  • A Ross
  • L Hampson
  • S Newbury
  • R Candy
  • J Clark
  • J Harris
  • F Terry
  • P Phillips