Saturday April 3 1948

Southwick 6 - Horsham 1

Williams (3)' Terry ' Gray ' Quinn '
Roberts '

Sussex County League
Old Barn Way, Southwick
Saturday April 3 1948

The big crowd that travelled to Southwick to see the giants of the County League found them rather undersized. Horsham, minus half-backs Bob Hughes and Owen Parker, were sadly disjointed, while Southwick looked far from impressive despite the convincing margin of their victory.

Horsham, set to face a stiff wind in the first half, did well to hold the home side to a single goal lead at the interval, but they failed to take advantage of the conditions after the resumption and conceded five further goals. Stan Baker, in for Bob Hughes, strove hard to close up the centre of the field, but made the mistake of laying back a little too far, with the result that the Southwick centre-forward had ample time to get the ball under control before he was challenged for possession. Johnny Ansell, deputising for Owen Parker, found himself handicapped by lack of inches.

Some measure of the scrappiness of the game could be gleaned from the fact that in the second half the ball was put into touch fifty-nine times, a total which could not be justified by the smallness of the Southwick ground. Williams scored Southwick’s only goal of the first half after twelve minutes. He put in a weak shot that was deflected off two defenders past George Power. Terry increased their lead from a cross by Candy soon after the resumption and Gray made no mistake with a penalty awarded for hands against Roy Spriggs. Williams made it 4-0 when he nipped between Roy Lindfield and Baker to get clear away.

After a re-shuffle between John Ripley and Baker, Snowy Roberts reduced the arrears during one of the few spells of Horsham pressure, but Southwick went straight up the field to score again. Spriggs attempted to play the ball back to Power but a misunderstanding let Williams through and Quinn netted number six just on full-time.


  • George Power
  • Roy Lindfield
  • Roy Spriggs
  • John Ansell
  • Stan Baker
  • Doug Potter
  • Ron Smallwood
  • Snowy Roberts
  • Den Daubney
  • John Ripley
  • Charlie Hemsley