Saturday February 16 1952

Twickenham 0 - Horsham 7

Daubney 20', 28' Browning 38', ?' Elphick 42' Stillwell 50' Bliss 55'

Metropolitan & District League
The Beveree, Hampton
Saturday February 16 1952

When the top surface is like half-melted toffee, let the ball do the work. That elementary lesson in adaptability was rammed home by Horsham with sevenfold emphasis when they swamped their hosts at the Beveree ground. Having led in the previous game at Horsham until a couple of minutes from the end, Twickenham could reasonably have expected to have made an even better showing on their own ground, which had a substantial hump in the middle and ran away suddenly towards one end. Local knowledge, however, stood no chance against superior tactics. Almost as soon as the game began on a pitch that was covered with an inch of treacherous ‘goo’, Horsham adopted the correct, open game, with the defenders clearing strongly and accurately and the forwards moving upfield with wide, sweeping attacks.

Horsham attacked strongly from the start and after Ron Bliss and John Browning had gone close, Johnny Elphick had a header cleared off the line by Nickless with the goalkeeper some yards away. Den Daubney’s opening goal after twenty minutes was one of the best of the seven. From outside the penalty area Browning dropped across a head-high centre and the inside-left, almost with his back to the goal, cleverly nodded the ball wide of Outram. Eight minutes later, the procedure was repeated, only this time Daubney, unmarked, tapped Browning’s centre home. In the thirty-eighth minute Browning had his reward after hitting the bar when he headed in from Elphick’s cross and, three minutes before the interval, Horsham scored again. A flick through the middle, and Elphick rushed in to steer the ball past Outram as he dived and then cleared the goalkeeper’s body with a spectacular leap.

Horsham continued to dominate after the interval. Five minutes after the re-start Nickless let in Denis Stillwell and the winger scored from close range. On fifty-five minutes, Elphick crossed to Ron Bliss, who drew the goalkeeper to the left and then beat him with an astutely-placed shot from a fine angle. After scoring six times in thirty-five minutes, Horsham relaxed their grip, but after Sly, Twickenham’s best forward, had hit the bar, the visitors resumed the offensive and Browning scored the final goal after an incisive attack down the middle.



  • Tom Foster
  • Jack Marriner
  • Albert King
  • Owen Parker
  • Jack Dugnolle
  • Roy Wilden
  • Denis Stillwell
  • John Browning
  • John Elphick
  • Den Daubney
  • Ron Bliss