Horsham Football Club An FA Charter Standard Club

Under 12s (Amber)

Under 12s (Amber)

Saywell International (Arun and Chichester) Youth League

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Tony Massimo (Tel  01403 218748)
Email tonyandkate10@yahoo.co.uk

Steve Bridle, Paul Candfield

Home pitch
The Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane, Horsham RH12 5PJ
Southwater Leisure Centre, Pevensey Road, Horsham RH13 9XZ

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Fixtures & Results
14/08/2016FriendlyLeatherheada8-2Stevens (3), Morris (2), Henderson, Small, Simpkin 
21/08/2016FriendlyOakwoodh8-3Simpkin (4), Henderson (2), Stevens, Morris 
21/08/2016FriendlyMidhurst & Easebourneh13-3Morris (3), Massimo (2), Warren (2), Candfield (2), Henderson (2), Stevens, Bridle 
28/08/2016FriendlyThree Bridgesh9-1Simpkin (4), Warren (2), Henderson (2), Prill 
04/09/2016FriendlyIfield Galaxy Tornadoesh2-2Stevens (2) 
11/09/2016County Cup R1Crawley Panthersh9-0Simpson (3), Small (2), Warren, Embling, Buttle, Morris 
18/09/2016League CupHorsham Youth Greenh7-1Warren (2), Henderson (2), Simpkin (2), BridleReport
02/10/2016County Cup R2ASC Strikersa5-1Simpkin (2), Small, Bridle, OG 
09/10/2016LeagueFelpham Coltsh2-2Simpkin (2) 
16/10/2016League CupChichester City Youthhpostponed 
23/10/2016League CupChichester City Youthh21-0Simpkin (5), Morris (3), Buttle (2), Warren (3), Matthews (2), Henderson (2), Prill, Stevens, Small, OG 
30/10/2016LeagueBarnham Trojansh7-0Henderson (3), Small, Simpkin, Matthews, Embling 
06/11/2016County Cup R3Select Youtha1-1Henderson (Horsham won 3-2 on pens) 
13/11/2016League Cup QFWorthing Town Reda2-2Simpkin (2) lost 2-3 on pens 
20/11/2016LeagueWorthing Unitedapostponed 
27/11/2016LeagueWorthing Town Whiteh14-0Henderson (3), Prill (2), Massimo (2), Warren (2), Small, Simpkin, Stevens, Morris, OG 
04/12/2016County Cup QFRustington Ottersa7-1Stevens (3), Simpkin, Warren, Small, Henderson 
11/12/2016LeagueFelpham Coltsa0-3 
18/12/2016LeagueWorthing Unitedh7-1Embling (2), Morris (2), Simpkin, Stevens, Henderson 
08/01/2017LeagueHorsham Greena12-2Morris (3), Simpkin (2), Embling (2), Stevens, Small, Warren, Candfield, OGReport
29/01/2017LeagueWorthing United Youtha5-4Stevens (2), Morris, Simpkin, Small 
05/02/2017County Cup SFWorthing United Youthhpostponed 
12/02/2017County Cup SFWorthing United Youthh6-1Small (2), Massimo, Morris, Simpkin, Candfield 
19/02/2017LeagueFelpham Colts Youthhpostponed 
26/02/2017LeagueWorthing Town Redh3-2Simpkin (2), Stevens 
05/03/2017LeagueFelpham Coltsa2-1Simpkin (2) 
12/03/2017County Cup FinalHove Park Coltsa0-3@ Culver Road, LancingReport
19/03/2017LeagueWorthing Town Whitea3-0Simpkin, Stevens, Small 
26/03/2017LeagueBarnham Trojans Bluea8-2Simpkin (4), Henderson (2), Small, OG 
02/04/2017LeagueWorthing Town Reda1-0Henderson 
06/04/2017LeagueHorsham GreenhWalkoverHorsham Green unable to field a side 
09/04/2017LeagueFelpham Coltsh7-0Henderson (3), Buttle, Stevens, Candfield, OGReport